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Calm my fears UPDATE

This could get a little TMI, so fair warning.

I skipped my period this month so I immediately thought I was pregnant. I took two home tests and both came out negative. I’m a few years past due on my yearly gyn exam (I know, I know) so of course now I’m convinced that I’m riddled with cancer. I sent an appointment request to my local PP and I should hear from them sometime tomorrow. Until then I’m trying to not think about it. Intellectually I know that it’s probably stress (I have skipped periods before during times of significant stress). I quit my soul-crushing job in October and I’ve been on an extended vacation since then. Although it’s really just been three months of stress because I feel like I’m unqualified for every job opening I find. Plus the boyfriend and I have been going through some rocky stuff. And my seasonal depression has been kicking my ass. I spent most of December on the verge of a panic attack. So, there’s that.

So, yeah. Any reassuring words are most appreciated, as are funny gifs/videos.

Update: Aunt Flow finally arrived 11 days late! I gave my uterus a stern talking-to this morning and emphasized that we’re supposed to be on the same team. I made it clear that I didn’t appreciate her going rogue. We’re friends again.


I’m still waiting on an appointment at PP for the regular checkup.

Thank you everyone for your encouraging and supportive words! You guys are the best!

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