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Came across this distressing tidbit today...(NSFW?--nude artwork)

I have never really been a fan of censorship.

I thought this action was quite shocking. As any gallery should know, when you invite a group of artists to exhibit, you should understand that sometimes art can be graphic. It seems like a lifetime ago, but I studied art once upon a time, and I was in a few exhibits. If an exhibit is calling for a certain genre, or subject matter, or if there are any guidelines at all, they are listed in the call for entries or on your submission application. This just seems crazy to me.


They stated that they were concerned that children might see this. Now I do not know if this was the real reason, but I have never understood how we got to this place where children must be so forcefully shielded from any nudity (or even something remotely hinting at it as in this piece). Children see their parents, siblings if they have them, and most certainly themselves. Personally, I enjoyed the work and it would have bothered me a bit if either of my children were to see it.

Perhaps they had other reasons, and blaming it on a fear of children seeing it was just a convenient cover. Either way, hope there is some backlash over this.

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