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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Camp Nanowrimo Advice

or: Someone please talk me down!

So, I haven't done a lot of creative writing, but I've wanted to try my hand at a couple things for a while now. In a fit of... something, I signed up for Camp Nanowrimo to work on my screenplays - 42000 words in a month on two screenplays (which are the extension of the short screenplay I wrote as part of my thesis and have wanted to expand upon ever since).


But this sounds incredibly intense, and I'm starting to think it might not be such a good idea to set such a high goal for my first time doing something like this. My other options are to try my hand at horror short stories, which I've been wanting to do for years, and/or to try to keep up on my blog. The nice thing about Camp Nanowrimo is that you can set your own word count goals, so I'm wondering if maybe I shouldn't try something a little less ambitious for a first kick at the cat.

Those of you who've done Nanowrimo - what do you think? I also have a ton of other hobbies I'd like to get back to...

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