Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hi guys — I'll post this only once more, right before NaNo starts, but: there's a Camp NaNoWriMo happening for all of July. Set your own writing/revising goal and have at it.

We have a GroupThink cabin (a mini-forum for messaging about anything our tiny hearts desire) started already, containing me, ofermodig, and ashinae. We have room for several more. It would be great to get to know some GTers better, and not annoy the crap out of everyone else here with NaNo threads ;)


Shoot me a comment here with your NaNo name and I'll send you an invite to the cabin!

ETA: In order for me to invite you, you first have to create a project. Add whatever title you want (you can change it later) =)

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