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Campfire Songs

I picked up the guitar about a month ago. I’m looking for more songs to try and play.

I’m pretty good with “Bad Moon Rising” by CCR and “I walk the line” by Johnny Cash, although I can’t sing that second one.

I’ve been playing around with Werewolves of London, Brown Eyed Girl, Nothing Else Matters, and Should I Stay or Should I Go. My dad suggested Jambalaya on the Bayou, and I might learn that one for him.


I can do a lot of the basic beginner chords, but no barre chords yet, except for the easy F.


1.) Anybody here have a favorite beginner song?

2.) Looking at this master list of campfire songs, what would work to get *you* happy and singing along?


I’d like to have a few crowd-pleasers in my back pocket for parties and such.

The least obnoxious picture I could find for “campfire guitar.”

P.S. I tried to learn Wonderwall for laughs, but I actually hate that song, so I couldn’t make myself finish.

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