Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

We’re taking the rolling home back to our favorite camping place tomorrow; Bath, ME! The campground is right on an estuary that feeds out to the Atlantic, and when the tide goes out, it goes out so far out as to make an acres big sand bar. Which allows us to dig for steamer clams (such a treat)!!! And when the tide comes back in, the water is it’s regular depth. It’s prime season for striper fishing. The difference between absolute low & high tides is unlike anything I’ve seen anywhere else; sand as far as the horizon & then salty sea deep enough for any saltwater activity you may choose. Total change in landscape.

How me & Mr. 4th feel right now

We have a 14 year old pop~up camper we bought together, used. I keep thinking about that saying, “Business in the front; Party in the back” referring to the classic mullet haircut. Welp, I think of the rolling home as, “Camper on the bottom; Tent on top.” Perfect compromise for us, as Mr. 4th had graduated to a full on camper a long time ago, and I had only ever tent camped. I truly LOVE the soft sides & plastic windows & screens & tent feeling. I have a 360 view of all the nature around us, which I have never seen in a regular camper. (No offense to regular camper people! I’ve spent 25 years in production motor~homes, and they’re not a place I want to spend time in.) Combine that with a small kitchen & fridge & a mattress that shoves out sideways surrounded by fresh air & a view....sigh. Heaven to me. And the sexy~times in that environment are pretty great :)

true as heck

My hand is so much better, but still an open wound, so no steamer clamming for me this trip & certainly no kayaking. I’m okay with that. I’ve got projects, books & campfire cooking to do. I’ll go out steamer clamming, but only to help Mr. 4th with the ones he misses in his digging & to bag them & drag them back to the camper.

Sooooo, I WANT CAMPFIRE RECIPES! And all of your camping stories, good & bad! Where are you going in the GREAT OUTDOORS this summer! Fuck, it’s July already! Are you staying local to your home & loving long summer evenings? Are you looking for advice, too?

Talk to me/us :)

ETA: Bears are always on my mind when camping, and not the kind Flamingo has in Chiflado. Bears! 

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