I have 24-hours to figure out a camping-with-my-period strategy. Thoughts?

It’s kind of a long story but it turns out that I’m going camping this weekend (like, in-the-woods-with-no-amenities wilderness camping) for the first time in forever. Among many other stressors, I’m a little freaked out that it’ll be during days 5 and 6 of my period, which are the lightest and last days, but not that light and still require intervention. What do I do?

I tried to gently ask the friend who’s put together this trip what they typically do for *hygiene* accommodations. But he’s a guy, and his response was, “we bring toilet paper and hand wipes. havent had any issues beyond that.” #1 That definitely didn’t do anything to jog my memory about how one brushes teeth in the woods. #2 It definitely DEFINITELY did not help me figure out my period logistics.

I should say that I am a die-hard maxi pad user, but I know that is the least functional option for this experience (sigh). Do I have to get a diva cup thingy and figure out how to use it without spilling blood all over myself in the next 24 hours? Then where do I dump the mess? Do I miserably accept the tyranny of the tampon and find a plastic bag to covertly stuff them in to dispose of at home? And then just be kind of pained the whole time in my downstairs parts?

While you’re at it, please remind me why I agreed to go camping again, besides to be a *cool friend* and because my partner-in-crime has had a shitty summer and could really use a get-away to the woods. Because right now this trip feels like torture and is making me grumpy/stressed. (Sorry for the whines.)