Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Can an SSRI suddenly stop working?

So I've had good results with the generic of Lexapro. Until about two weeks ago.

The way I experience depression is the classic 'oh that thing I love? Ugh, it's too much effort. I'll just sit on the couch and feel empty instead'. I've noticed my lack of motivation, apathy, and other key signs of depression in me have been creeping in again. I am going to talk with my psychiatrist but I wanted to know if y'all had any experiences with the so called 'poop out effect'.


Today I slept till 1, which is when I'm supposed to be at my volunteer gig. I said 'ok I'll run an errand and then go at 2'. Now it's after 2 and I don't feel like going. It's the coolest volunteer thing ever and I love it. And I just. can't.

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