Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Can anyone help me make a graphic?

Basically an annotated venn diagram. It's supposed to explain what I mean when I say "white feminism". I'm not good with photoshop and my usual fake-it-til you make it methods are failing me because I can't get them to behave and be symmetrical/neat. I'm anal.... I want it to be tidy/colour co-ordinated. Mostly because I'm pretty sure that someone will be able to poke a whole through the logic/math part of the venn diagram so I want it to be at least pretty :)

I have the diagram shoddily drawn out already so I can take a picture and email it to whoever's willing to help me out. Just shoot me an email at battymamzelle@gmail.com if you have the time/inclination. Also, no worries if no one can. It's Sunday after all lol.


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