I mean, really, CAN YOU TOP IT?


TW: Beastiality?

Uhm okay, so I have a question. I was at a party that my band played and I woke up passed out in a room, and I thought I heard a dog licking himself, but then I realized there was a girl in the bed with the black lab that lived at the house, and It was more than had appeared. I didnt know what to do and just layed there like I was asleep till they were done and Since then, Ive just been kinda curious and wondering about it, If a dog gets close to a girl and advances on her sexually and she likes it, is that wrong of her? Idk, ur a girl and I saw that you had a dog on ur profile and thought this site might be good for some insight on the whole thing... sorry if Im being too straight forward, Im just curious.... Message from -_[redacted at Grandad Freeman's suggestion]_-10% Match

I also feel need to point out that I LITERALLY JUST DECIDED I WAS READY TO START DATING AGAIN TODAY. I've been on hiatus for six months. THIS IS WHAT YOU GREET ME WITH, UNIVERSE?