Anastasia Beaverhausen posted about coming down with something a few days ago. Yesterday I woke up feeling like I was going to lose my voice, same again today, and now I am feeling like hell. Sore jaw, head like cotton wool, the back of my throat feels a bit raw... Yep, looks like I've come down with something.

I'm meant to be going to a thing at church this evening but I'm going to have to stay in, which means that when I do eventually go to church on Sunday, after 3 weeks of absence, I'm going to be bombarded with "where have you been? we've missed you!"s. Don't get me wrong, I love the sense of community buuuut as I am one to feel guilty really quickly (and I'm not even Catholic!) these comments always manage to make me feel bad.

I hope whatever this is comes to a head and then goes by Monday, the guy I work with is off to New York for a conference and won't be in until Thursday, and the part timer who's coming in can't stay beyond 2pm on Monday and Tuesday and won't be in on Wednesday. Helllp :(

Ugh. Can I just get into my bed now? My pyjamas are already singing to me.