I've been seeing the same idea getting recycled over and over again on Facebook, Twitter and Korean dramas and THIS HAS TO STOP. I cannot understand this. I cannot understand this need that every girl supposedly has that can only be fulfilled by a dress and a necklace and shoes with the order:

Put this on and be ready for dinner.

Where do I even start?

First, that dress is ugly as hell. The design aside, it looks like it was once a normal, lovely shade of pink, but before handing the dress over, the guy fapped all over it, shat on it, broke up with his girlfriend and left it in a corner of the room to collect dust, before giving the dress to a new girl.


If some guy ever chucked a dress in my direction I'd probably cringe because I really don't think men can be bothered with keeping up with the latest trends for women. And if this was the dress, I'd walk into the restaurant, take the fugly piece of crap off and burn it. Or at least stuff it in his pants. I'm not saying that it's wrong to buy clothes for your significant other, but it's very pushy and egoistic (because naturally I'd dress to please you because you're the man and I want to look sexy for you but not like a slut and I'd be so happy to have a direct order for you because OH HOW CONFUSING IT IS TO CONFORM TO THE DOUBLE STANDARDS OF SOCIETY WHAT IF I LOOK LIKE A HOOKER WHAT IF I LOOK LIKE A PRUDE) to order a girl to wear it, with accessories and all. Do guys get a kick out of it? Or is it only girls who want it? Because it seems like such a dramatic thing to do, and not the right kind of dramatic. Can you even imagine a girl doing that to a guy? Why?? Why does out society make this a thing?? I JUST CAN'T GUYS I CAN'T. DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO WEAR. DON'T FUCKING BUY A FUGLY PIECE OF SHIT AND EXPECT ME TO BE LIKE OH MY HOW ROMANTIC NO FUCKING WAY. EVERY GUY? Well it's okay it's not like I wanted a boyfriend anyway.

You like it? ORLY?


(Seriously though, the best rape prevention measure. Better than not walking outside in the dark or not wearing slutty clothes. Snipping the problem right at the bud.)


Instead of this, can we support Emo Kids in Diapers? Please?



It's highly disturbing but I love being disturbed.

** I understand how heteronormative this post is but this has a lot to do with traditional gender roles and this "wish" seems to only apply to girls in heterosexual relationships, as far as I have heard