Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Can i ask the Hivemind for your thoughts and prayers?

I just got a text from my fiance, EllaFunksGerald. She said her BFF's boyfriend had collapsed and was being taken to the hospital. Dude had a lot of issues with weight and has kidney issues and is on dialysis. But as far as i knew things were pretty good right now. I don't know what hospital he's going to but she is with her friend there. I hope he's ok. Frankly he's kind of a man child who is pretty lucky he meet a woman as cool as Ella's friend. She's got a much better paying job at the same company and he pretty much lives there but doesn't pay his share of anything. But they seem to genuinely love one another and it would make things bad for everyone if something happened to him. So i ask if you pray, please do and if not, just a good thought would be nice. It's very much appreciated, thank you.


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