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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Can I be a brat about my birthday?

So my birthday is Friday, which is the first night of my friend's bachelorette weekend at a beach house 3-4 hours away. She said that we are totally celebrating my birthday that night too but it's us and a couple girls I don't know well so I don't know what to expect this weekend.

Geekboy doesn't think birthdays are a big thing, his birthday I took him out to dinner but he wouldn't let me get him a gift. This year I'm not even seeing him on my birthday beyond a sleepy kiss goodbye before he heads to work because I'm leaving for the beach right after. I've made two suggestions for tomorrow one going to the local fair, the other him making chicken cutlets at home. He vetoed both. Well didn't veto the second one just pointed out we're out of chicken (we do have grocery stores).


I realize I'm going to have to ask him for special attention or a birthday dinner or some acknowledgement. Am I being a brat that this is upsetting? Last year we went to dinner and had his friends over after for ice cream cake after. I feel childish asking for attention but realize I won't get it if I don't ask him.

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