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Can I Brag on My Man?

So a few years ago, Monsieur decided "I am going to learn Japanese." lacking the funds and time to take classes, he did his research, gathered materials and taught himself. last year, he passed the first level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, an international standardized test given by the Japan Society. (Basically that means he is as fluent as a 6 year old... which may not sound super impressive until you think about how well a 6 year old can speak and realize tha they grow up speaking a langage and have systems in their brain that enable them to learn language better than an adult can.) he celebrated by getting himself a tattoo of his favorite Japanese poem, a Socialist anthem called "Be Not Defeated By the Rain." (Pictured, though his is not in calligraphy—it's a much more standard font.)

Today he is taking the second level of the test. He is a little over half-way through right now. GANBARE, MONSIEUR-SAN!!!


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