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Can I Come Home Without Major News Breaking? Three Major Stories And Out Just 4 Hours

I come home take out GF and BF to go to the bathroom. I come in and turn on tv. This is what faces me.

1. Trump congratulates Putin on his win. Seriously. He killed off his competition and denied others the right to run.

2. Stormy Daniels passes a polygraph with less then a one percent chance of deception. She and the Dotard had unprotected sex.


Which makes me wonder if this the norm for Trump? He absolutely the type who would refuse to wear a condom although the irony is he is germ phobic r seems to be. Which should make everyone pause and ask “Does he have any children outside of his marriages?”. That’s the first thing I thought of.

3. Stormy may have pictures of his genitals. I concur totally with my mothers response “I don’t want to see his thingy”. I do want to see the Daily Briefing after the picture is shown when a reporter for the first time in American history asks “Sarah is the president confirming or denying that the picture of his reported genitals is his.”. Oh do not deny you are not looking forward to that Briefing.

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