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Can I complain about work, too?

On the one hand, I had an awesome moment today—a student who’s been struggling to read a book for our lit class (and I mean, really, really having a hard time—coming to me in tears) finally got into the book and told me, “You’re going to think this is weird, but now I can’t put it down!” He is so proud of himself and I am so effing proud of him! HELL YES!!!

On the other hand, students who’ve had 2 weeks to write a rough draft, who’ve had plentiful in class discussion on the topic, who’ve had discussions on framing their thinking and their writing, who’ve looked at and discussed student samples of this paper, who’ve done no less than 4 (4!!) prewriting exercises for this one assignment, who’ve been encouraged by me to COME SEE ME IF YOU’RE STRUGGLING, yet who choose to wait till the second draft is due to send me an email saying, “I see you’re not in your office today. But I need help and so do a bunch of other people”?


To those students, I say, F@#& you!! I sure wasn’t in my office during my non-office hour. You know why? Because I was sitting through an hour-long meeting about SLOs and fucking shooters on campus.

If you’d bothered to contact me at any time in the last two weeks or, you know, shown up when I have actual offices hours (scholarly secret: IT’S LISTED ON YOUR SYLLABUS!!), I’d be more than happy to help.

You know what? Never mind, it’s totally my fault I went to my meeting instead of sitting around my office waiting for you to show up. What the heck was I thinking?!

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