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Can I DIY a costume? Let's find out!

Calling all seamstresses, DIY costume heroes and the like! In a little over 3 weeks I have a Harry Potter themed housewarming party. Now I usually do this shit pretty low-key, lean heavily on make-up or buy an outfit. But it’s impossible to buy a harry potter themed outfit for a normal price in this country or get one delivered within the timeframe (save for a scarf). So I thought.. Why not DIY one? (thanks pinterest for planting that idea in my head) It’ll be a project! It’ll be fun! It’s not like I don’t have enough work to do!

There’s just 1 small hurdle. I have no experience with this whatsoever.

I do own a sewing machine, (an old monster of a beast that is running on it’s last legs and I need to have serviced but I’ll give myself a hernia if I try to lug it down our stairs) but have never used it to create a garment. Just to shorten my curtains. I do understand the basic concepts of sewing shit but I have 0 experience with it. No experience whatsoever. I’ve got a semi-steady hand when it comes to stitching stuff back together when it’s broken though?..


So some questions for you :

1. Do you think it’s feasible for me to create something like this within 3 weeks?

2. She is using a coat as a base, I do not own a coat that I can use as a base. Can I find something like that online?

3. You think I can pull this off without a tie? Ties are expensive..

4. Is this worth the effort or should I just order a gryffindor scarf online and call it a day?


I’ll need to find a patch somewhere, I did find a set online for 13 bucks which will send my outfit price up a fair bit (I’ll also need a white blouse and skirt to finish off the outfit but I’m pretty sure I know where I can find that for 10 bucks each).

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