Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I am so jealous of my 16yo's Christmas gift that I need to be talked off the "I'MA LET YOU FINISH, BUT THIS GIFT IS MINE!" ledge. Like I'm officially this close to keeping this thing for myself.

In our misguided attempt to scale back this Christmas instead of a bunch of things, this year the youngest 'Ye'let is receiving a "main gift" of a Kindle Fire HDX which arrived today. (I saved $50 on it Cyber Monday.) You guys. I wants it. I needses it. I have a Kindle Keyboard that I love like a fourth child, but.. but... it's so old. And gray. And the plastic is cracked in two spots, and you can't read at night (or anywhere except right next to a lamp and all booklights hate this thing - they slide off or obstruct or something else super-critically-annoying) and I WANT NEW TOYS.


I think I'm doing parenting well, don't you?

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