What do you guys think? I have worn this dress a few times before (unfortunately I bought it almost two years ago so I did not get this super sale price!) and it is my favorite LBD. But it is so hard to wear a bra with it. The sides are cut too low to wear a strapless bra effectively, and I have a racerback bra but I constantly have to adjust the straps because they don't quite line up with the dress, and I have tried fashion tape but it doesn't really stick all night - not to mention my racerback bra is totally the wrong size and I feel like does little more than give an extra layer between my nipples and air. In terms of holding boob-things in a locked and loaded position, not so much. It is useless.

I am really not interested in buying another new bra here, so I am wondering if I should just go with some of those nipple sticker things to prevent a Liza-at-the-Oscars nipple outline (although this dress is well lined so they don't really show, but just for the added peace of mind I'd use them) and otherwise ditch the bra. Some pics from various angles:

Oh gods, my mirror is so schmutzy, sorry! Also, I am ashamed by my lack of Lupita arms. Note to self, hit the gym every day before wearing this dress. I am planking right now, this is terrible.


Also, my kitchen is a mess. Hi, Cheerios! Also, also, this dress needs to be steamed.


That is the worst. I'm going to clean that mirror after I finish this post. Eesh!

Anyway, you can see that there is pleating in the bodice and that the top is fairly body-skimming. It is somewhat lose but it doesn't move around too much, so I feel like it would hide the wobble that would go with free-boobing C cups. The racerback cut of the dress is pretty sturdy so there is no danger of any wardrobe malfunctioning. I'm more worried about whether sagginess or nipple outines seem like a problem (not that any of my bras I can wear with this dress can hoist my boobs up anyway, the sides are too low). Since the dress is up at the natural waist, I don't want it to look like my boobs and waist are one.


Yes, no?