Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

can i get some whine with my cheese?

ugh. it's too hot. i don't have an air conditioner, and it's so hot in here that it's hard to breathe, even with a couple of fans going. it's 3am and it's too hot to sleep. it's so hot that both my cats are sprawled on the bare floor by the fan. this sucks dirty monkey toes.

in other news... my vacuum cleaner caught on fire today! right before my apartment manager came by, too, so the place was filled with the lovely stench of burning rubber and hair. that was the point in today when i just gave up.


one last little moan here... my everything hurts. like, i can't just stand up, i have to slowly pull myself upright and make sure my legs are going to work. my hips hurt so much that sitting, standing, lying down... it all sucks. my fingers are so sore i can't make a fist. i feel like i've been ripped off by life in this respect. i'm only 33, yet about half the time, i'm slower than my grandmother. my body is betraying me.

so... i guess that's my major complaining for the night. carry on.

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