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Can I gush for a moment?

I know I complain about my students but, dammit, sometimes they straight up rock my world.

Friday, I ran a writing workshop and the conversations between students were awesome—they stayed focused, offered each other thoughtful critique (beyond the prompts I gave them, even), and really helped each other. I had to turn my back to the room for a minute because I started to tear up, I was so proud of them.

I also had a very quiet, thoughtful student stay after lit. class to talk about the texts, his voice in his writing and in class, and education, generally. It was a really awesome talk and I felt so honored that a guy who’s so shy felt safe asking me these questions.


And today, I’m grading papers and seeing so much progress! I was a hard ass grading their first papers and it paid off. Students who were like, “Meh, I don’t have to try” before are paying better attention, taking better notes, participating more in class, and their Unit 2 papers reflect it. One student went from an F in Unit 1 to a B range in Unit 2. Woot!!

I am one proud prof. today!!

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