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Can I handle grad school? Halp!

I love the elephants- the picture has nothing to do with my question.

I have questions about Grad School and lots o' people seem to be attending around here! I want to get my MSIS, but have some mental health and medical issues that can get in the way from time to time. I have all the medical documentation and since I went to and would be attending a BIG state school- they've always been really good about giving me my ADA requirements through students with disabilities. However, I feel like graduate courses are much more serious. And that professors expect much more & would be less concerned should anything health-wise pop-up. Does anyone have experience with this or just general thoughts on how this might play out in grad school?


I know lots of you guys (ladies and gents) get your shit done while working & managing other things- so I also feel like this might make any grad adviser not really care about my shit. I honestly think I could do it, but I have that fear of what if something happens...

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