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Can I have some cute/funny gifs please?

I'm having a really...shitty day.

A friend had a severe asthma attack on Monday, lost consciousness, and has been in the ICU all week. He had an EEG which seemed normal, but then they hooked him up to like a live EEG which showed "minimal brain activity." This morning they FINALLY did an MRI and found that he was braindead. They pulled the plug this morning. He had just had his medication changed and mentioned last week that it didn't seem to be working as well.

You may have read about the drunk driver that plowed into a crowd at SXSW the other day (yesterday? it seems so long ago). I know some of the people in critical care, and it's....I don't want to talk about it.


My best, oldest work friend's last day was today and she just left. She and I started together three years ago and she's the only person who's been on the same team with me basically the entire time, even when we were divided by the languages we supported in the beginning (in our case, French). We've been through an extremely tumultuous and difficult three years together and talked every single day, even in the brief periods when we weren't working in the same row. Her husband had to go back to France a couple weeks ago because his mother's cancer has returned to such an extent that the doctors don't even know how she's functioning. My friend asked for UNPAID personal leave to go help him, was denied, and had to quit.

Work in general has been really shitty. I'm not going to pretend to get anything done today.

There are some other small stressors that I'm sick of dealing with but it's just not worth the typing really. I know I usually don't really dump my personal problems here and I'm sorry, but if you have some funny gifs I would really appreciate them.

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