There’s a severe rainstorm in my area today, and my boss sent a group text to everyone in the department early this morning to say she was going to work from home, and that we could do the same if I wanted.

Most of the department, including me, texted back to say we would take advantage of the offer. At which point my boss texted just me to “ask” if I would be logging on early and logging off late since I was working from home. The message was very clear — if you’re staying home, I expect you to work longer hours.

I have no problem working longer hours when I need to, but I don’t currently need to, and I think it’s incredibly shitty for her to make that offer and than make it clear that it came with strings attached.

I’m glad I don’t have to go out in the rainstorm, but jesus christ. I didn’t ask to stay home, she offered, and everyone else is home too. So why the hell is she acting like I’m taking advantage?