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Can I just go to bed until next Tuesday?

I am so done. Just... done. I'm sick, I'm tired, and more and more crap keeps happening in my life. I just want to sleep for a very, very long time. *details ahead, so if you don't want to hear a bunch of moaning and complaining, don't keep reading*

So, as stated, I'm sick. I have a hell of a cold. Life-threatening? No. Miserable and unfair? Yes. We were supposed to go stay with my Bestie for 3 days this weekend, for one last round of fun and swimming before school starts. Not gonna happen, unless I am magically better by Friday. And even if I am better, my youngest is starting to sniffle, and so is Other-Husband. Argh!

Next up, my 3rd son was was wrestling with his little brother and their best friend last night, and managed to fracture his pinky finger on his left hand. When I took him to the doctor today, the doctor that saw him used to be MY doctor when I was little. Watching him do a double take when he saw my mini-me was pretty funny (3rd son is my double. Seriously.)


Not as funny was that he consistently called my boy by the feminine version of his name, because long hair on boys confuses him, apparently. Boy-o's finger is all taped up now, but it's just a greenstick fracture, so, hopefully, won't take too long to heal. Doctor also insisted on listening to my chest and checking my ears and throat, as long as I was there. Yep, it's a cold. Surprise! It was nice of him to be concerned, though.

Next! My oldest, who has had some trouble both in school and out of it in the last year or 2 (no details, but he has a LOT of community service to do :/ ) was offered a chance to live with my dad and step mom for the rest of his high school career... and turned it down. I am actually very sad that he did, because I feel that they have both time and money to devote to him, whereas I'm short on both, especially during the school year. Also, some of his friends here are... less than desirable companions. I'm very much afraid that he is going to continue down his current path, and that is not going to end well for anyone.

Last, but definitely not least, at some point over the last few months, something that was brought into the house, most likely from the food pantry, had little brown cigar-shaped bugs in it. Those little bugs have infested pretty much all of the dry goods I had in my pantry closet. Thankfully, I am smart enough to put a lot of things into ziploc bags, but I had to throw out 8 pounds of rice, a couple pounds of oatmeal, and several cake and bread mixes and bags of pasta (not the gf stuff, thank the gods, that's in a different cupboard.) You guys, I cried. If there are only a couple of these little bastards in the stuff, I will pick them out (the old line about beggers can't be choosers applies here :/ ) and just boil or bake the hell out of whatever it is, but each bag was CRAWLING with bugs. So, so, SO gross. So we are now down to not much to choose from. So grateful I can go shopping tomorrow. Canned soup for dinner tonight!

So, there you have it. I'll quit whining now. I'm never sure which is worse... one big disaster, or lots of little ones.

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