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Can I Just Leave The House For A Few Hours Without Coming Home To Trump's Newest Mess

He is suppose to be on vacation. I thought “oh how much damage can he do on vacation?”. Nope.

I come home and what do I see after I take GF and BF to pee and poop. I turned on MSNBC with the words “FIRE and FURY”. I capitalalized it not them. Also on same channel North Korea according to US Intelligence developed a miniture nuclear bomb to fit in a missile.

In 2002/2003 the Iraqi WMD story to W threatening war to war took many, many weeks if not months to happen. Not in a space of a few hours.


Also so I flicked to CNN what did I see on the scroll? Bannon is in talks with the head of Blackwater. Head of Blackwater floated idea of installing a Viceroy in Afghanistan. Christ first Stephen Miller mocks the Statue of Liberty now Trump’s senior advisor is in cahoots with a man who wants us to be like 19th and Early 20th Century England with their Viceroy in India or God forbid like England’s relationship with us preAmerican Revolution.

Can I have one day. Just one where I can go out without finding another mess Trump made.

Oh I am convinced Trump will go to war with NK for the simple reasom to show his toughness amd to say President Obama was weak.

This is a president who tweeted yesterday attacking a Senator and NY Times nut never once about the soldiers killed in the Osprey. He proved he does not give a shit about the military soldier’s lives. They are nothing more then a tool to show his touchness and he us “winning” along with getting his poll numbers up. war is best way to do it. I predict by Labor Day we will be in war. Do not be surprised if “fire and fury” refers to a nuclear strike.


The nuke story and what Trump said so reminds me of the drumbeat to Iraq War (second one) and first too. Sadly going forward with reckless abandon and no debate.

I am using Labor Day because Congress is on recess so he avoids having to get a declaration of war. He would have anyways.


I.hope you respomd “EB you are an idiot” because I pray I am wrong. It seems to deja vu (not the song from 70s).

The song Deja Vu by Dionne Warwick you deserve a classic tune after reading what I wrote

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