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Can I live with you?

I’ve written about this particular can-o-worms before but I just got news that brings the topic of where to live front and centre again.

Oh wait. First.. Hi all! How are you all today? Anything I missed while lurking? I know I’ve been a bit quiet lately, I know. Between the real world, working, texting the english boy (for absolutely no reason since I’ll never see him again yet we still talk most of every day) I’ve been pretty preoccupied. But I’ve been around, starring things like a kinja-ninja.

Anyways. My roomie just got home, sat down opposite me with the words “So we have to talk..”


I live with her illegally and we figured we could sit it out without a problem. We were expecting that she’d have gotten kicked out of her apartment by now (we live here temporarily as anti-squatters) but since we haven’t she decided to inform if it’d be a problem if a friend bunked with her for a while. Turns out, it is. It’s a huge problem. In fact. A neighbor (also anti-squatters) has contacted the organisation that is in charge of these apartments to let them know they think a second person is living in her apartment. It’s a good thing she called because now we’re getting off with a warning instead of both of us getting kicked out right away.

Problem is, I have to be out of here A.S.A.P.

She feels awful about it and loves having me as a roommate. She’ll contact them again tomorrow to find out exactly what ‘as soon as possible’ means (a week, 3 weeks?) and I need to double down and find a room somewhere. If I don’t I can couch-surf and put my stuff in storage.

I kept cracking jokes to my roomie but I’m kind of freaking out. A teensy bit. A calm sort of freak out, but still. I need to focus on the silver lining here instead of sitting here, staring at my screen and trying to come up with a witty blurb about myself but coming up with nothing.

Anyway I just had to get that off my chest.

How are you today?

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