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Welcome To The Bitchery

The shop where I got my dress just called with a voicemail asking if we want to just make the full payment now because there’s only one dress left. I called back and said that we agreed to a specific date and that we are sticking to it. And in response I got,“Oh you can still pay on schedule, I was just calling to check in and make sure....”

We signed a contract, and it’s less than a week away! And we put a deposit down! Why the hell are you trying to rush a contract?!?!


And, poor timing on her part because she’s actually lovely, our wedding planner just happened to email at the same time with our contract and request for payment.

I have no fucking clue how any of you that had a regular wedding did it. My veil off to you!

Anyone got any general wedding advice for me? I think I’m long past the, “don’t do it” advice, kthx.

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