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GuyJinx and I had dinner tonight. He was soooo excited to find an oyster place with beer. And I was excited too!! But then, enter the server. Sigh. I get that the two of us don't look fancy, but come on. Obviously the fact that we're at a Fort Point restaurant means we're ready to spend 150+ on dinner.

It really ruined the evening. So, thoughts about this to the restaurant:


I just wanted to pass on some feedback concerning server Kate L who was working tonight, April 13.

My husband and I are exploring new restaurants around Fort Point and we were excited for oysters. We were seated quickly, but it took Kate 10 minutes to come get our drink order. And then it took another five for her to get our food order and 10 for the drinks to come. The food was brought out quickly, but in the opposite order. The raw bar came out after the fried clams. We couldn't help but feel that she was rushing us out. She wasn't pleasant, never smiled, or checked in on us until we were done. We actually weren't and wanted to try a few other things, but at that point decided if she didn't want to serve us, we didn't want to inconvenience her further.

I'm sure this isn't how you train your staff, so wanted to give you a heads up. This is the first time in a long while I've given a server only 15%, and because of the rush, the bill was only 100.

Thank you,


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