Bumped for morning crowd to see if there might be any other offers. I have no shame. It looks like I might be out in NYC again this July. I was just there over New Years, but I might be back over the weekend of July 11-13 (Friday-Sunday). Does anyone have a floor or couch they could offer up? The trip all depends on me cutting the money corners. And lodging for those three nights is a big one. I know this is super far out, but I need to put in for a lottery for tickets for the events I want to attend, and the lottery sign-up time ends in a week (events first announced today). So I'm looking into every avenue right now because, well, I have to if I want to make this happen. Obviously it all depends on many factors, but it would be nice to know I'd have a place to crash so I can work on everything else. I'll probably bump this for the morning crowd, but I'm getting my mooch-shoes on and seeing what's out there.

Thanks a bunches, I love you.