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Can I suspend this much disbelief? On Binge watching Scandal (spoilers?)

OK, I decided to pull myself out of the pop culture wasteland and started watching Season One of Scandal. Don't ask why I didn't watch before because it's my kind of thing: Political intrigue, over the top situations, former West Wing actors (yo Joshua Malina!), hot people, great clothes, . (If I were an alien I would steal Kerry Washington's whole essence.)

But honest to god, the plot with the girl who claims an affair with the President (West Wing in the House!) is irritating the shit out of me. I am supposed to believe that a sharp political operative like Olivia Pope would allow a distraught woman/ political time bomb stay at her house without someone watching her night and day? And that no one in her firm says, "hey, this woman is making calls to god knows who, maybe somebody should sit on her." (She's just been kidnapped.)



ETA: Why won't my great Olivia Pope picture show????? Here's another.

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