One of my husband's sisters (one? hah I wish just one) annoys the fuck out of me. She is technically his half sister, they have different moms. I don't know the full story since my husband was really young (she is 15 years older than him) when most of the drama went down. Essentially there was much bad blood between my FIL and his exwife. From an outsider perspective (and I admit I don't know everything) it seems like both parties were jerks and continue to be. The ex wife won't even acknowledge my husband when we see her at parties for our niece and nephew almost 40 years later. I digress.

My SIL is a huge fitness buff. She's into kettlebells, cross fit, running, you name it she's great at it. She does all these competition and whenever she signs up for one where we live she tells us 3 days before, expects us to come and watch her in a super crowded gym with no place to sit, like it's the funnest thing we could be doing with our weekend. Last year we did this while I was 2 months pregnant and I had to go take a nap in the car because I was exhausted and everything was running late. It was fun because we took our niece and nephew to lunch and told them about the baby but then SIL said something to us that really rubbed me the wrong way. She said "This is the first time my family has ever come to see me compete. It made me sad that all my friends always had tons of family cheering them on." It struck me as something said passive aggressively to say "oh you FINALLY came to see me." She's the type of person to get upset when we don't drive the 2 hours to something for the kids that she invited us to a couple days before. It's like you didn't know you were throwing your kid a birthday party this weekend? Fuck off.

Anyways she tagged us in a fucking facebook status to make sure we came to see her Saturday. Now you want me to bring my 5 month old to this shit? No. And I'm sure she'll bitch about us to all her cross fit friends about what an awful family she has because we didn't drop everything to cheer for a 43 year old woman doing pull ups. Grow up lady. /end rant.

Updated: The big bird just reminded me we were going to take the peep to see my grandma this weekend. Yuuuuussss!