This will probably go poof later because it’s an insane amount of whining, but I need to vent so I don’t start throwing things. 

There was a gas leak in my building on Sunday. They shut it off and told all the individual units to shut off all their valves, which of course I had no idea how to do. So there was this whole drama of having to get my landlord to come out at 11 pm to help me. I couldn’t cook Sunday night or all day yesterday, and I couldn’t shower yesterday because there was no hot water.

There was no announcement that the gas was back on. I had to track down a maintenance person this morning. He said the gas company went door-to-door yesterday to tell people it was back on, but didn’t leave notes if people weren’t there to answer the door in the afternoon on a weekday.

But the gas is supposed to be back on, and I thought I could finally cook tonight. But I turned the valve back on, and I still can’t get my stove to work. I know it’s a gas problem because I can’t light the burners manually, but the valve is in the same position it was before my landlord turned it off.

To add insult to injury, my kitchen is so small that I can’t access anything else with the range pulled out . So I have to keep pulling it out and pushing it back, which is exhausting and dirty.

So I’m stressed and tired and hungry and sweaty, and now I’m going to have to go out in rain to get food, and I hate my whole fucking life.