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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Can I vent for a sec? Vent with me plz.

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Guys. Vents ahead. Please also vent.

I need to apply to apply for a donation. As in, I need to fill out a form and write a proposal SO I CAN WRITE A PROPOSAL for a donation. Just give me what I need!!!!!!!!!


Someone suggested I do an Amazon wish list awhile ago... I started to but then I got too nervous and paranoid. Heaven forbid I am a professional that requires supplies and I don’t feel like applying to apply for a donation cause I have already spent hundreds of dollars for this school year (2016/17, not counting last academic year).

We were/are trying to get pregnant. Now I’m not feeling it cause I’m nervous about health care. I have a lot of prescriptions and a complicated history. What about therapy?


People are saying dumbass racist shit... Shit that is so obviously offensive... I swear they wouldn’t be if the current situation weren’t a thing. Fuck 2016.

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