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because I have had enough of this week already.

Things that have made today shit:

Idiot new research director of europe and africa visited, interrupted me with a wrong correction while planning an experiment, threw him out of my lab. My boss now begging me to apologise before she gets shuffled into purgatory. I'm contemplating just paying him a visit and delivering dire threats instead.


My niece has decided to confide in me (big deal, she has trust issues with men, awesome) that she is self harming (well fuck!). Did my uncley duty, tried to be reassuring, told her I loved her, call me any-time, asked relevant questions, suggested less dangerous alternatives that may still provide the short term benefit she gets from cutting. Tried to figure out a good way to tell my wife (neice is OK with this knows I wouldn't keep something like that from her Aunt).

Wife gets home from work, I have a cup of hazelnut hot chocolate ready for her, let her sit down, about to speak. Oh what's that, yes it is the phone. Oh Hi mum, no I didn't know you'd had a biopsy, breast cancer you say? OK then yes it is hilariously funny that you are the same age your mother, my grandmother was when she got breast cancer, I'm sure things are much more advanced now and no you probably won't die young like she did after the cancer spread. Oh theirs a previously unmentioned long family history, your aunts as well, so you are getting tested for any genetic markers related to breast cancer? Oh good, my sister has already said she doesn't want to know the results, lovely.

So where was I? Oh, you've finished the hot chocolate, had a good day you say, OK let me ruin that for you.


Please feel free to take the opportunity of this thread to rant about all the annoying shit that has dropped on you today. No need for sympathy, the important things are all happening to other people and the work thing I can deal with.

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