I know I post about my boyfriend so much, but I actually am curious if this is a thing.

I tend to break out in the winter more anyway, as I get pimples when my skin gets too dry (as opposed to too oily), and they usually are on my chin. But while this breakout is on my chin, it's not like the usual acne I get. Also "breaking out" for me is like two pimples. Anyway, what's going on is on my chin, by my mouth, and just around my jawline in general, the skin is just red and bumpy. I don't get red skin easily as I have olive skin. And whenever I get pimples they tend to be those big, painful under the skin ones, and now it's just tiny little bumps. No whiteheads or anything.

It doesn't hurt or itch, but it's annoying me cuz my skin is all blotchy. That's the word I'm looking for, blotchy. It's never been like this before. Could this be because Consort has a thick beard and I'm kissing him fairly often? I mean, he showers regularly and washes it and stuff, so it's not a dirt issue. And my ex had facial hair and this never happened. Though his wasn't as thick as Consort's and he usually kept it pretty short.

Like, what the fuck. What do I do? Should I just exfoliate more? Wash my face more? Get some lotion specifically designed for beard induced breakouts? Or is this just a sheer coincidence and I'm getting blotchy skin solely because it's winter? HIVEMIND, HALP. My clear, smooth skin was one of my only redeeming qualities!