I'm not going to lie, I'm bitter and cynical. I tend to see the negative in things and I complain about people and things - usually in a funny way, but still. I keep trying to stop, and then I catch myself mid-rant ...

No one wants to be friends with bitchy girl, or promote bitchy employee. I come by this naturally, my mother is the same way. And I was brought up in the kind of household that always focused on what you didn't get right. Even now, most of my phone calls with my mother are about what I've done wrong and how I can improve.

I do have a sweet side. I am generous to a fault and super protective of my friends. I'm very aware of their feelings and am good at taking care of people.

So I'm basically a burnt marshmellow. Hard and crusty on the outside.. Is it possible to change?

I'm not looking to hear from people who have always been super positive, feel the love, permanently rose-colored glasses folks.

I'm looking for formerly super bitter folks who now see a glimmer of hope. The only person I know who actually changed was because she got married, and to a guy who really had her back and she was happy.