He did not. He said “racism is evil and those who commit violence in its name are criminals and thugs including (KKK, NeoNazis etc)”.

First is there a racist out there who calls themselves a racist? Never met one.

He only condemned those in the groups that use violence. What about instigators? Marchers? Those spewing this garbage on the internet.

He then states “and other hate groups”. Is this code for the antiprotestors. BLM? If so we are right back to where we were Saturday when he said there was violence on both sides.

The entire speech was like a child said it. In which the child just wants to eat his desert and the parent gives in and says “fine eat desert first then eat your salad”. For this its Trump saying “I want to talk about the economy so I an take credit and feel good” and CoS Kelly saying “fine you can say it first but you have to read this written by who did write it? Oh Steve Bannon”.