Obviously going to ask my doctor who I'm seeing in 2 hours, but of course I must ask you all first. Because duh.

So I used to take vitamins all the time. I would take a multivitamin, fish oil and a probiotic (and there was another one but damned if I remember what it was). But for whatever reason I stopped taking everything, and now with the vitamin D deficiency I want to start up my vitamin regimen again.

Since my body absolutely sucks, the only multivitamin I was able to take without upsetting my stomach was The Vitamin Shoppe's brand woman's multivitamin, which I want to take again. And since I don't know shit about nutrition, I'm all sorts of confused. Originally my brother, who's a nutritionist, helped me pick out all my vitamins but he's in Queens now and a bit difficult to reach.

My mom had showed one of her doctors she works with my blood work, and he said since the vitamin D deficiency isn't chronic (I have legit never had a vitamin deficiency before in my life) and the rest of my levels were perfect, a prescription probably won't be necessary and to just get a strong dose of OTC vitamin D. I'm going to see what my endocrinologist says today, but for the time being I picked up a big bottle of liquid cod liver oil (GOOD GOD THAT SHIT IS DISGUSTING) which has 4000 IU/serving of vitamin D. However, the multivitamin I'm looking at (The Vitamin Shoppe's) has 1000 IU/serving of vitamin D. Is 5000 IU/day too much vitamin D?

Two other things. Anyone have an idea of how much calcium I should take? The multivitamin has 500 mg/serving of calcium. Is that not enough?


Second thing, I saw my blood work. Apparently my thyroid was just having a bad day because this time, my T3 & T4 levels were perfectly normal. Silly thyroid.