TW: Death



So WomBear comes from a small family. Both of his parents have multiple siblings but he has two sisters, two female cousins, and one male cousin. That is the totality of his generation.
His one male cousin passed away today. I don't know many details but I do know that he was about ten years older than WomBear, so in his mid-thirties, and had been diagnosed very late in life with type 1 diabetes. He was incredibly anti-social, and didn't really have friends or romantic partners. He worked IT from home, and had to move back in with his parents due to his diagnosis.
Between my family and his that is five people that have passed away since last August.
WomBear has been doing so well with his anxiety and depression lately, and I just want him to have a two week stretch where he can be fucking happy. But apparently, No.

Enough, Universe. We get it. You can stop being a dick now.


This is for the Universe:


Please leave your fuck yous to the Universe below. I'll make sure it gets them.