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Can Skinny People Study Obesity?

I am thinking about getting a Ph.D. in public health. I'd particularly like to focus on fat shaming in the medical community and also fat shaming on the part of the exercise community. I just know too many fat friends who have had horrible experiences in yoga classes, at gyms and with personal trainers.
It's all nice that Mrs. Obama tells us to move, but when you finally get up the guts to go to a beginner level aerobics class and the teacher doesn't show any modifications or low-impact moves, we won't come back.
I've been referred to a couple big name programs but.. the people who focus on attitudes towards the overweight/obese are all super super thin. This makes me a little angry. Every African-American studies department I know is headed by an African American. Every women's studies department is chaired by a woman.
Why are fat studies not supported by fat people? I cannot imagine they would have the faintest understanding of what it's like.
I would have a hard time respecting their knowledge, since they live a life in the thin world.
What do you think?


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