I tend to post periodically in the middle of the night on the weekends (while, yes, drinking.

This is apparently so much of a problem for some people that one of them needs to complain about it (while the others are so bold as to complain to me indicrectly).

So, clearly, multiple posts on a Saturday night isn’t welcome here. Fine. Since that’s pretty much all I have to offer at this point, and its so much of a complaint, just go ahead and grey me.

And don’t be all crunchy pants about it, ladies. You didn’t like what I posted. Period. Since that’s pretty much all I’ve got (and which upsets you so much, you actually save), I’ll just stop and request that I be greyed so you don’t have to worry about your pants being further bunched in the future.

I’ll leave the nighr shift to a more appropriate lady.

Jeebus. If there’s anything else to say, I’ll let you lovely ladies sort it out amongst yourselves. Hell, maybe it is all my fault. Whatever. All I know is that my late night Saturday ramblings, which are pretty much all my ramblings, are done. So sorry to have offended.