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Can someone please help explain this interview?

I pulled this from a friend's Facebook feed. It is a link to the St. Louis Fox 2 News station.

In the interview one of the witnesses specifically says "the officers" as in plural, as in more than one, as in Darren Wilson was not there alone. Was this common knowledge? I always thought Wilson was alone, which would have given a modicum of believability to the "I was scared for my life" tale. Can any one confirm there were other officers present? Did the witness misspeak in the interview? Am I just an idiot for thinking he was there alone this whole time????


I will say that it makes me sad that when I heard the man's voice I sighed a little in relief that he sounds white*. I know that is totally horrible but I hope that maybe now some of the people who were so quick to believe the WHITE officer over the witnesses who are majority black will start to rethink the situation. And can I just also say how freaking awful it is that racists and naysayers won't believe eye witnesses that are PoC but might consider the word of the white construction worker.

*I understand how completely problematic this whole sentence is and I had serious trouble typing it. Unfortunately, it is true in the court of public opinion that this white guys words will ring more true than the dozens of other witnesses because they are black.

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