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Can this be a new tradition?

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So for this Thanksgiving, we had no concrete plans. Usually we’d do something with my wife’s family friends or at least dinner with her parents. Idk how it happened, but this year we all kinda dropped the ball. My SiL and her fiance are out of state visiting friends, the family friends who usually host are not hosting this year, and we learned on Monday that my in laws don’t have a working stove!!!! You guys, their stove broke three years ago and they didn’t tell anyone that they only have a single working burner!**


I was going to invite them over while I make something, but I only ordered groceries for functionality this week, and do not have anything enough to prepare for hosting a dinner (let alone Thanksgiving) with a few hour’s notice. They tried getting us a brunch reservation at a restaurant, but *surprise* everything is booked. So tomorrow, I think our plan is to go and see Parasite together. Because what’s more family togetherness than seeing a messed up Bong Joon Ho movie about class division? Anyway, nontraditional ways of celebrating things are rad, and the fact that they want to do something so weird is extra rad.

**We’re already planning on buying them a brand new stove and paying for any additional installation costs that come with it. We’re saving that huge wedding check they gave us to fund helping them with any future things and taking them on vacation. Anything left over in that savings account will go to their grandchild.

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