Tell me if your answer was correct. As for me, I was born in Eastern Canada and they guessed the Mid-Atlantic States. I’m guessing this quiz is only for people who are born in the US. Maybe New Brunswick is the Pennsylvania of Canada (it isn’t, btw.)

You got: You grew up in the Mid-Atlantic! You grew up listening to some pretty experimental tunes as a kid, which has served to fuel and enrich your own creativity as an adult. You probably rocked out to some sweet ballads from Billie Holiday, dark cabaret rock from Tori Amos, or operatic contemporary tracks from the great Philip Glass. Never forget, both Sisqó and Beach House hail from this region, so there’s no telling what this one-of-a-kind place can be expected to produce.

So I decided to look up a quiz about Canada and take that and looked to see “How Stereotypically Canadian are you” and guessing probably not that stereotypical. I was born in Canada and lived there as a baby. Moved to the US, lived next to the border most of my childhood and my mom and her relatives are Canadian. I think of myself less as Canadian than a Canadian-enhanced American.


You got 25 out of 96 Canadian things!

You are as Canadian as two geese standing in a doorway playing a friendly round of “no, you go first!” You are not TRUE-ly-NORTH-STRONG-AND-FREE, but you are still pretty darn Canadian. Although you have some thoughtful and caring Canadian tendencies, you’ll need to implement a few more “sorrys,” snowmobiles, and syrup skills into your life.

Hm. Sorry Canadians. ETA: I pity that you guys in most of the US never knew Mr Dressup