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my morning started at 7am when my 14 year old son came home from a sleepover and yelled, "Mom! You gotta see this! It's so cool!" now, having 4 boys, i just knew this was going to be something i didn't want to deal with that early in the morning...

yeah, i was right. he'd found half a deer's leg, with hoof, and wanted to keep it. apparently, he'd found it along the road and just had to bring it home. i am not an easily grossed out woman (i live with 7 guys, i can't be), but that was just too much.

an hour later, i decide i'm going to wake up my husband to watch kids so i can sleep a little. no sooner do i get upstairs than all hell breaks loose downstairs. kid #3 is puking. while sitting in my favourite chair. do you know how much surface area a pint of water gulped down by a kid with an upset stomach can cover? if you don't, i hope you never find out.


other than that, i spent the day canning tomatoes (f&#*ing tomatoes... every flat surface in my kitchen is covered in heaps of red and yellow) and cleaning (ugh). oh, and there was an amazing, torrential thunderstorm that brought down a couple of big branches close to my car and flooded the yard. and my bedroom, because i forgot to close the window.

about 8pm, the teen-child announces he's walking his girlfriend home and he'll be back in an hour. ok, fine. i start rounding up the others and getting them dinner (crockpot oatmeal. yum.) i realize that my 8 year old isn't appearing. i send his brothers to look for him. i send his friends to look for him (semi-rural area, lots of fields and forest to go exploring in.) he's nowhere to be found. i finally call the teen-child and he says, "oh, yeah, he walked her home with me." ARGH! is it too much to ask that i be informed of this??

it's 10pm. i've had an hour and a half of sleep in nearly 48 hours, kids are still banging around upstairs, the house looks like it blew up, and i desperately want a bowl and a drink and some mindless computer time before the husbands get home. the only one of those likely to happen is the third.

tl;dr? i'm exhausted. it's been a very long day, and it ain't over yet.

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