A fairly constant theme on the page is as follows:

I gained or lost weight/cut my hair/grew a beard/gained muscle/started or stopped wearing makeup/changed my personal style... and my SO is a giant asshole about it/whines/tries to sabotage my lifestyle changes/is dumping me. What do I do?


And before you can take a swig of your Mountain Dew, dozens... nay, hundreds! of posters will pop in to let OP know that:

Different people have different tastes

and that a person can’t be blamed for what they’re attracted to! You can’t be expected to stay with someone you find visually unappealing! Did you know a mere cup size can take you from hot to trot to shriveled hag?!

This is utter and complete bullshit.

Yes, some people have a type. But if you love someone? You’ll love them if they’re 150 or 200 pounds. You’ll love them if they have D or B cups. And you’ll love them with long hair or short.


I’m willing to admit that sexual attraction is a tricky thing, and not everyone fully understands theirs. But no fucking person on that site is willing to admit that a lot of a person’s sexual attraction is programed by what they’re exposed to and what they’re taught is “acceptable.” There is no request for people to reflect on their “preferences” at all or realize that maybe people should make you happy rather than their numbers or looks.


They want to be all “the D wants what the D wants!” But the D is attached to a human being with a goddamn brain and they should use it and care about the actual fucking people they profess to love and help them to be their best selves rather than how it makes their boner feel.

I’m sorry. I see a thread like this at least once a day that I go to the site and I can’t fucking take it anymore!!