I am absolutely exhausted.

Every single time I post ANYTHING about sexism or racism, “good,” “woke” liberal white men tone-police and ‘splain to me. Every goddamn time.

Today I posted about how the racism and xenophobia of cheeto Hitler’s policies have enabled policies that are similar to Nazi’s Germany.

Now the comments to that post are hijacked by good white men explaining that while the they think the policies are horrible, we shouldn’t shame cheeto-Hitler’s supporters, call them racists, or compare them to Nazis, because they are good kind people that mean well that we just need to have a dialogue with so that we can understand their “economic anxiety.”

And the fact that good white men feel it is there duty to explain to a brown woman how she should express her feelings about a white supremacist regime and how she should maintain kind, empathetic dialogue with those who voted for it is... just a microcosm for how whites supremacy continues to be upheld by “good” white people.