I've talked about on here how I have night terrors and nightmares and just overall weird as fuck dreams, but lately there's something NEW! I've had the same dream twice.

I'm just thinking about it because I'm about to go to sleep, and I desperately want to share this odd fucking dream because it was SO. WEIRD.

Same dream, two different times.

I was with Consort, in someone's bedroom. In the dream it was his room but IRL that's not his room or house.

We were just hanging out, and suddenly I notice a snake on the floor near the bed. All coiled, but once I see it, it starts moving. And I FREAK. OUT. Jump on the bed, and he's like "I'll be right back!" and leaves me in the room with the snake.

Eventually the snake leaves the room and goes in the direction Consort went.

I'm, uh, not afraid of snakes. Like at all. Even if by some stretch of the imagination I saw a snake just chillin on someone's floor I'd be like "oh hey it's a snake." My brother had an 13' albino Burmese python that I cuddled with. His name was Powder. He was cool.


But anyway, WHAT THE FUCK?